P3 Procurement Schedule (Design-Build-Finance-Operate-Maintain)

Approximate Dates             Milestones

August 16, 2018                  JPPHA Board authorization to conduct RFQ process

September 7, 2018              Issue RFQ

October 10-11, 2018           One-on-one meetings with Core Respondent Team Members (optional, with additional information to be provided in an addendum to the RFQ)

December 6, 2018              SOQ’s due to JPPHA

December 20, 2018             JPPHA Board authorization to conduct RFP process

December 21, 2018             Anticipated announcement of Short-Listed Proposers

January, 2019                       Issuance of draft RFP to Short-Listed Proposers

June, 2019                           Issuance of final RFP to Short-Listed Proposers

August, 2019                       Deadline for submission of Proposal

September, 2019                 Selection of Preferred Proposer

November, 2019                  Financial close